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1 of 3 Books That Must Be On My Desk At All Times!

I have hundreds of software related books. This is one of only 3 that must be on my desk at all times, one that I refuse to lend out. It is an excellent book, by far the best I have found on the topic. It is amazingly thorough and well organized. I don't believe that I have ever run across an STL related question the answer to which cannot be quickly located in this book. I use it often and would feel "naked" without it.

I bought mine when it came out in 1999. Despite the fact that the binding appears to be of good physical quality, mine is coming apart now. I presume that is indicative of the constant use this book has sustained over the past 7 years on my desk!

Reviewer: Sheryl Cutler (Charleston, SC United States), January 11, 2007

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